Cheryl Billotte


Cheryl is excited to bring her passion for horses and appreciation for professional saddle fitting to the Bliss of London Team. Like many equestrians, Cheryl discovered her saddle was causing her horse pain and was causing her to fight her position. She went through years of being told different fitting perspectives while trying to find a saddle that works for both her and her horse. Cheryl had to get educated on saddle fitting and was surprised to discover how many riders do not know the importance of a proper fitting saddle, the signs of a saddle that does not fit and the difference it can make in both horse and rider. Cheryl understands your frustration and looks forward to helping you with the solution. Cheryl is supported by the Bliss of London team, who is made up of highly respected industry professionals.

Together they will combine their knowledge and years of experience to come up with the perfect Bliss of London or Loxley by Bliss saddle solution for you and your horse. Cheryl will be working personally with Nikki Newcombe, Qualified Saddle Fitter with The Society of Master Saddlers and managing director of Bliss of London.


Cheryl grew up with horses and has ridden Dressage for over 20 years. She trains her own horses and enjoys competing in recognized shows. In 2014 Cheryl and her horse Cache were All Breed National Champions for Friesian Sporthorse, Adult Amateur division and appeared in the USDF Yearbook. Cheryl lives in Dallas with her husband Chris and her daughter Avery. She has a Friesian Sporthorse, Gypsy Cobb and a Shetland pony.

Cheryl is pleased to share the Bliss of London experience with you, so please call her to set up your demo appointment.

Service Area: Texas

Call Cheryl On: 469.867.7980