Our appointed saddle fitters are available for consultation, to conduct an assessment for both you and your horse. It is essential that you discuss your requirements and expectations with them, they will ask for any relevant history which may have a physical effect on saddle fit and assess the profile of your horse in relation before trialling any saddles. You may also wish to involve your trainer in the initial trial process.

The trial process allows our consultants with their knowledge and experience to understand the effects that the saddle has and any asymmetry from both you and your horse that may have.

Although a static analysis will initially take place, it is crucial that the saddle is assessed whilst in motion as the overall picture of your horse’s frame can change in his movement and carriage. Secondly they can then advise you on the effects that balance point and block placement have and how to make changes to enhance your performance through this.

Templates and measurements of your horse will then be taken in order to select the perfect saddle tree and panel combination.

All of this information is relayed to our workshops in the UK from our consultants where the work on your new Loxley saddle will commence.

If you do not have a fitter within your area, please do contact us as many of our consultants offer a demo trial service with expert advice to guide you through the process.

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