Fitting Service

The uniqueness of the brand and its integrity is controlled with the limited distribution of the products through a select number of appointed saddle fitting professionals. Our attention to detail as manufacturers is mirrored in the careful and considered attention that every one of our consultants brings to our clients during the saddle fitting process.


Our appointed saddle fitters are available for consultation, to conduct an assessment for both you and your horse.  It is essential that you discuss your requirements and expectations with them, they will ask for any relevant history which may have a physical effect on saddle fit and assess the profile of your horse in relation before trialling any Bliss saddles.


Demonstration saddles are always available and are imperative for you to test ride for your own impression and feel, you may also wish to involve your trainer in the initial trial process. 


The demo process allows our consultants with their knowledge and experience to understand the effects that the saddle has whilst in motion and not just static analysis. Secondly they can then advise you on the effects that balance point and block placement have and how to make changes to enhance your performance through this. 


Templates and measurements of your horse will then be taken in order to select the perfect saddle tree and panel combination. After the profile of the saddle has been established, the exciting part remains of selecting your unique combination of exquisite leathers for the individual design of every Bliss Saddle. Our consultants will expertly guide you through the options available and our “design folder” will help to open your creative minds. 


All of this information is relayed to our workshops in the UK from our consultants where the work on your new Bliss saddle will commence.


We don’t expect our clients to wait unreasonably so our lead times are kept to a minimum. Our lines of communication with our clients are constantly open during the manufacturing process. We will advise when your saddle is near completition so arrangements can be made with your consultant for the final fitting to make any necessary on site adjustments to ensure total satisfaction for both horse and rider.