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Elise Parsons Mister S

Elise Parsons Mister S

Working with off the track thoroughbreds is my passion; these amazing, talented horses that deserve a second career. Over the years I have worked with over 50 thoroughbreds, some of them I owned, some of them I trained, some of them clients owned and trained under my guidance. Most recently, I took Mister S to the Retired Racehorse Project 2016 Thoroughbred Makeover. There are a million little parts that go into training any horse, one of them is the proper fit of equipment, including saddles. I have been extremely fortunate to work with Kate Wooten of English Saddle Fit in Tennessee since her very first day of saddle fit training. She is an independent saddle fitter, which means she can she can fit any brand saddle to you, your horse, and your budget. As we all know – thoroughbreds can be a challenge to fit, as well as sensitive to how everything fits. She had been looking for years for a saddle company that fit in my budget that also had the options to fit my extremely long leg, was comfortable for my back (I have a compression fracture of my L1) and my bad joints, as well as fitting my typically short backed horses, without compromising quality. We wanted a wool flocked saddle with adjustability, and all the right options, preferably one that looked great too! Doesn’t sound like much, does it? Well it was, and it took several years but we finally found it! I won’t forget how happy she was after meeting with Nikki Newcombe of Bliss of London at Rolex one year! We sold my jump saddle at the time and ordered a Loxley Eventer by Bliss of London! Not only was it gorgeous, it fit both me and my horse right out of the box! It was a miracle! I have now had the pleasure of being able to start several TBs over fences with my Loxley and wouldn’t trade the security it offers for anything! My leg stays exactly where it belongs, my horses can move comfortably and confidently and we look great! I never felt more secure, or more comfortable in a jump saddle. For the first time, my knee is actually on the saddle instead of in front of it, my horses don’t have sore backs from having to have a too long saddle on in order for my leg to somewhat fit the saddle, and I can ride comfortably for hours without back pain! So please – if you are looking for a new saddle – give Kate Wooten of English Saddle Fit in Tennessee, and Nikki Newcombe of Bliss of London a chance! They make an amazing pair – and amazing saddles!

Here you can see the Loxley Eventer on three different horses, with three different jumping styles – all the while keeping me right where I need to be as well as keeping the horses happy! The picture of Mister S, is from the Retired Racehorse Project 2016 Thoroughbred Makeover. The picture of Late Night Snack, is from his first time schooling over fences. Finally, the picture of Just Say Unkle is from the 0.85m Jumpers at Brownland, he earned an eighth place ribbon out of a class of 21. It was his first rated Jumper show.


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Elise Parsons Just Say Unkle

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