Nina Showan Wakefield



I am a practicing chiropractor in Baltimore, MD. It is extremely gratifying to know what the human body wants and help my patients gain more productive pain free lives.

I’ve held a lifelong passion for horses and riding. The more I observe horses under saddle, I realise their forbearing quality. We assume and demand so much of our horses, so often limiting their capabilities due to poor fitting tack. Joint and lameness issues ensue, along with resistant behaviour.

A well fitted saddle is paramount to a horse’s performance and demeanor. My mission is to benefit each horse I encounter with a properly fitted saddle.
Like chiropractic care, saddle fitting is both an art and a science.


Bliss of London’s ethos is the optimization of the horse, rider and saddle union be achieved. I am thrilled to be an affiliate of this bespoke saddlery!


I am available to evaluate your horse’s gait and and conformation. I will assess your saddle on and off the horse. I will take a history and conduct a palpation examination of your horse’s back and evaluate your horse in motion under saddle. I will evaluate the riders position, offering biomechanical enhancements.

If your aspiration is a customized Bliss of London saddle, I will take tracings to ensure the evolution of perfect rider, horse continuity.


    • B.A. Goucher College Biological Sciences


    • D.C. National University of Health Sciences


    • UK Society of Master Saddlers Trained Fitter


    • Bliss of London Qualified Fitter


  • Team Chiropractor Goucher College



I live and practice in Baltimore. My sons, Elliott and Tyler are pursuing their university degrees and are intent on making the planet a better place.

I am available to visit your stables in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

  • New saddle fitting: $150.00 Horse must be sound and groomed.
  • Be prepared to ride.
  • Please allow two hours for this initial evaluation

Saddle/Rider evaluation: 1 hour $100. New saddle trials offered. 

Service Area: Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania

Call Nina On: 443.794.2963