Our Promise

Our consultants play a major role in The Bliss organisation as it is their knowledge and expertise that when transmitted back to us allows us to create exactly the right saddle for your requirements. (You will see a more detailed breakdown of the saddle fitting procedure in ‘fitting services’). Our consultants will be on hand in the months and years to come for your after care service and to see the development of your horse and of course we are always available to answer quieries or questions directly either by email or telephone.


All of the materials we use in the construction of our saddles are sourced from some of the finest and best companies around the world. Your safety and the reliability of our products is fundamental in the design and construction.


Our long term success will be measured from a philosophy that combines design, craftsmanship and technological innovation. To bring to our customers the most refined and technically advanced products. We pay the closest attention to every detail and ensure the utter perfection of our products. They symbolize the nobility and perfection of traditional craftsmanship that so eptitomises the Bliss of London brand.


Last but not least is our ambition to be the best. We strive to constantly improve, we are never complacent, always try to broaden our skills, improve the quality of our work, and come up with new exciting designs and ideas.


The warranties that we offer on all of our products allow you to be safe in the knowledge that Bliss of London is a company that stands behind our products, our beliefs and our service.


Your satisfaction guaranteed, our reputation depends on it.