Saddle Making


At the heart of every saddle is the wooden laminated saddle tree. 100 % designed by the Bliss of London design team. Historically the wooden laminated saddle tree has been a sign of prestige the world over and reserved only for the most discerning of riders. Wood and leather when bought together form an alliance that is kept for the most special of products and gives a truly natural end product. Every tree undergoes an exacting production process using age old production methods allied with 21st century cutting and forming processes.


Our appointed saddle fitting professionals will take templates and tracing measurements of your horse for our saddlers to create the perfect of tree and panel combination. The individual saddle tree is selected by profile and strained to give the most effective rider seat position and twist. Layers of plastazotes and memory foams are then precision moulded and formed to give what is becoming known as ‘The Blissful’ seat. The hides and butts are hand cut to pattern and expertly prepared by a combination of splitting, skiving and arduous hand finishing along with the straps/billets that are stitched for extra finesse. Seeming is an art form of its own and a unique skill held by the saddle machinist in joining the skirt and seat together by means of a welting. The saddle machinists then assemble the panel which is designed incorporating front and back gusset pieces which will maximise the final bearing surface and overall fit when flocked. Our full panels eliminate the join of a sweat flap against the horse and allow a full serge panel if required.


A mix of new CNC technology and traditional methods allow us to produce anatomical designs of blocks and rolls to complement each model. The build of the knee pads and blocks is a combination of balance in softness and support, with the laborious process of cupped pads and contoured padding or recessed blocks for a smoother finish.


Our girthing systems provide a multitude of solutions for modern problems of forward girth grooves and relieving pressure behind the shoulder in order to help achieve the perfect balance and stability.


Finally each panel is flocked by hand with 100% pure new wool. The benefits of wool over latex foam panels are incomparable. Wool is proven to mould to the horses profile at the same time allowing for muscle regeneration and development which can then be adjusted when required. It is a natural material against your horse and has its own wicking and heat absorption properties as well as acting as an inbuilt shock absorber.


Many of the processes we use go above and beyond the norm and the attention to detail throughout is extraordinary. Our unique twin stitching and quilted gullets, features which are more common to the fashion and automotive industries, only highlight our expectations.


The skill and artistry of the saddle maker is evident in all of our designs, where masters have passed to masters the skill and know how to produce some of the world’s greatest saddles and where many years have been served in the pursuit of excellence. Only then is a saddle ready to wear the Bliss Triquetra.