The Company

Firstly the Saddle being the connection between Horse and Rider. For our clients to achieve that perfect harmony with their horse in whichever discipline they choose, the connection and harmony between you and your horse is our guiding principle.


Secondly the law of 3 plays a major part in our design and construction: Fit, Form and Function.


Fit: Each and every saddle that we create is made to measure to not only fit the differing profiles of your horse but also the differing physical requirements of each rider.


Form: All of our saddles are made on the correct saddle tree to distribute your weight evenly over the bearing surface and length of the saddle.


Function: By sourcing some of the most luxurious leather from around the world we offer the true equestrian saddles of distinction from the hand of the master saddle makers.


Thirdly the law of 3 plays a part in our collections: The Regency, The Liberty and The Paramour each having their own personality, style and distinctiveness to appeal to the uniqueness in you. Each saddle combines performance and bespoke luxury with individually tailored customer care and exclusive types of leather. This unique combination of exquisite materials forms the basis for the individual design of every Bliss Saddle.


The Bliss team is made up of highly respected industry professionals who combine their knowledge and years of experience to offer a range of the most unique saddles and accessories that encompass the intricacy of custom saddle fitting alongside a designer’s vision and a craftsman unique flair. We make our saddles available to you through our appointed affiliates who themselves are experts in saddle fitting and advice.


It is our obsession with our quest for perfection in all that we do that is the best possible guarantee that each saddle from ‘Bliss of London’ is one of a kind and the embodiment of “perfection” that greatly reflects the style and taste of its owner.