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About Bliss of London

Our saddles encourage maximum performance and comfort for both horse and rider

Bliss of London is our signature saddle collection. Our belief is in fitting the horse first and Bliss saddles take custom made to a new level

Our signature saddle collection

The Bliss of London Collection is our signature range of saddles. Many of the processes we use go above and beyond the norm and the attention to detail throughout is extraordinary.

Our unique twin stitching and signature quilted gullet features are more commonly known to the fashion and automotive industries, only highlight our expectations.

Our belief is in fitting the horse first and Bliss saddles take custom made to a new level.

Our tree profile selection can be used in every model of saddle, making it possible to fit any design you choose to almost every type of horse or pony.

Panel designs to create maximum bearing surface for weight distribution, flap length and forward options, endless block styles and sizes to support rider balance and confidence all go towards encouraging maximum performance and comfort for both horse and rider.

Each panel is flocked by hand with 100% pure new wool. The benefits of wool over latex foam panels are incomparable. Wool is proven to mould to the horses profile at the same time allowing for muscle regeneration and development which can then be adjusted when required. It is a natural material against your horse and has its own wicking and heat absorption properties as well as acting as an inbuilt shock absorber.

Our girthing systems provide a multitude of solutions for modern problems of forward girth grooves and relieving pressure behind the shoulder in order to help achieve the perfect balance and stability.

We also pride ourselves in the beauty of our saddles and the custom design features that allow riders to reflect the own individual styling through luxury and exotic leathers, stitch detailing, colouring and sometimes even a touch of sparkle.

Finally, your saddle is ready to wear the Bliss Triquetra.

Bliss of London

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Aldridge, Walsall
West Midlands WS9 0LF

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