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Brochures, Bridle sizing, Adjustable Tree guide and more….

Please feel free to download any of these useful guides

Bliss of London Saddles brochure

Our signature collection of luxury saddles

Loxley by Bliss Saddles brochure

A taster of the Loxley Saddle range

Bridlework and Accessories brochure

Showcasing our Made in England leatherwork

Loxley Adjustable Tree and Gullet Bar guide

How to change our gullet bars

Bridle sizing

Our guide to parts and measurements

Adjusta Pad

Our 3 pocket shim saddle pad

Breastplate Brochure

A guide to our Infinity 5 Point breastplate

Sportiva FLX

Our Innovation Award winning Dressage saddle with moveable blocks

Template fitting form

A guide to measuring your template


Bridle Order Form


Loxley by bliss Online Order Form

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