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Our recommendations to get the most out of your saddle

At Bliss of London, we are aware that aesthetics are just as important to you as a well fitting, high performance saddle. We take pride in our knowledge and suggest that using these care tips can help your saddle look and perform like new for longer.

Our leathers are selected for their natural properties, softness and durability to offer the best performance. The intense tanning process provides you with leather that will require minimal initial treatment and an already broken in feeling to optimise their use from the start. We do recommend the use of Bliss Advanced Leathercare or alternatively creams or balsams. We do not recommend the use of oils which can be too heavy for the leather or soaps which can strip natural oils and colour on any part of the saddle. Avoid any products containing synthetic oils, solvents and fixatives.

Specific Leather Treatment

Calfskin (Bliss fully covered saddles and seat & pad upgrade options)

Is highly oiled and will require little in the way of conditioning.  Use a soft cloth damped with cream/balsam to be simply wiped across the top surface and not rubbed in. Please note it is natural for calf leathers to darken in this process.
NB: Particular attention should be paid to the Cognac colour (do not use oils of any kind).

Nubuck (usually seen on seat and pad options)

Is Scotchguard treated having its own protection and level of waterproofness.  We would not recommend any treatment with creams, balsams or oils as this will clog the leather and start to smooth over the texture. We would recommend a small soft brush to simply brush off any dust/marks and help rejuvenate the finish on the surface.

Antique (flaps and skirts on Loxley twin flap saddles)

Use cream/balsam on both top and underneath surfaces, if wanting to achieve a more broken in feeling of suppleness, concentrate on applying to the open underneath side as this will absorb more than the top surface.

Calf Nappa (Loxley monoflap saddles)

Ideally just wipe over as any heavy use of creams and conditioners will start to smooth over the natural texture.  We would recommend a small soft brush to simply brush off any dust/marks and help rejuvenate the finish on the surface.

Other Solid Leathers

Are best treated from the underside, flesh surface of the leather as this provides better absorbency.

Panel Hides

Use cream/balsam and simply wipe over


Are chrome leather so will not always ‘take’ treatment well however the  nature of which already possess a sufficient suppleness – if needed wipe with cream/balsam

Bliss Leathercare

Contains an advanced formula of natural tallows, oils and beeswax which moisturizes from within to protect the leather in all climates. Suitable to use on any of our leathers, with the exception of Nubuck and Calf Nappa as this will smooth out the finish. 
We DO NOT recommend the use of
EFFAX and HORSEMAN’S ONE STEP as these do include solvents in their ingredients. 


  1. With a damp cloth wipe away any excess dirt and grease and allow to dry.  Only use soap if necessary.
  2. Lightly wipe an even application all over with a cloth.  It is natural for lighter coloured leathers to darken in this process, but try to avoid any concentration of balm in one area.
  3. Buff with a clean smooth cloth for that perfect finish.
  4. Show it off and go riding!

We do not recommend the use of oils or soaps on any part of the saddle.

Important Guideline

As leather is a natural product it does have an element of stretch. We strongly advise against the use of silicone seated breeches or riding tights as this causes exessive drag on the leather.

Extreme Circumstances

In extreme circumstances it may be necessary to apply a leather oil coating to particularly dry/old leather to regenerate it. If the saddle is extremely dirty, it may be necessary to use a saddle soap.

Extreme Climates

In climates of intense heat and sun exposure it is necessary to treat the leather on a more regular basis to help the prevention of drying out and bleaching. Long term exposure to sun will cause fading to occur. Keep covered wherever possible. In damp climates or winter your saddle should be kept in a warm environment to avoid exposure to damp which can cause damage to leather. If you are uncertain and require any further information please CONTACT US.

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