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NEW Fairuza by Bliss

NEW Fairuza by Bliss

  • Bliss of London Fairuza Bridle, By Roberta Sheffield, Paralympic Dressage Rider, Canada
  • The ultimate blend in comfort and dressage performance
  • Anatomically shaped headpiece giving the ears freedom and removing pressure from the TMJ
  • Unique layers of different density padding
  • Elimination of side buckles
  • Available with or without a flash
  • Inside FEI guidlines


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All regular Bliss & Loxley bridles come with a self colour leather browband as standard, Anatomical curved & Bling, and Patent browbands are available as an upgrade.

This unique design was developed to be the ultimate blend in comfort and dressage performance bridle.

There are many bridles out there on the market designed to create even pressure, this is NOT one of them!

Different tissues feel pressure differently, for example catching the nerve on your elbow opposed to the same level of pressure on your butt muscle! And padding doesn’t always remove pressure, just think how an extra pair of thick socks makes the shoe feel tighter rather than looser! The Fairuza bridle has been intelligently designed to remove pressure from the TMJ area (2), the upper teeth (4), the main facial nerves (3) and the soft tissues of the cheeks. Studies have shown that many dressage horses have lesions on the inside of their cheeks consistent with the placement of the cavesson noseband. The clever padding design of the Fairuza noseband lifts it off these sensitive areas, removing the lateral pressure that exists even with a loose noseband when the horse chews. There is no restriction to the movement of the jaw laterally when fastened. The extra deep layers of padding across the bridge and the jaw bones cradle the head comfortably and allow the muscles around the TMJ to relax to the contact, supported by this very special bridle. Horses chew in a nearly figure of eight motion, with the upper arcade of molars set wider than the lower. It means that it is easy for a traditional cavesson noseband (4) to push the insides of the cheeks onto edges of the molars causing cuts and ulcers to develop. Hidden from view, these lesions are difficult to spot without a dental speculum, but they are still a source of discomfort for the horse. If used with a Flash strap (5) the design releases pressure from the horse’s airway and avoids the risk of over tightening on the nasal passage. The headpiece is anatomically shaped to sit on the skull (1) without overlapping onto the muscle and ligament attachments to the neck area. It gives the ears freedom and lifts all pressure from the TMJ area. The unique layers of different density padding allow the fascia and skin their tiny movements with less friction without the bridle becoming unstable on the head. The low angled throatlash prevents the bridle from sliding over the ears. The way the cheekpieces and noseband hangers sit has been designed to avoid pressure on the main facial nerves that sit along the length of the horse’s skull, eliminating side buckles, instead buckles sit symmetrically on the top of the head, protected by the thick, multi layered padding. The Fairuza bridle’s unique padding cradles the horse’s head where the bridle needs to touch for practicality and stability yet allows complete freedom where pressure is avoidable. There is nothing else like it on the market! The Fairuza bridle is loved by FEI dressage stewards as with its soft deep padding it is easy to see the comfort and freedom it affords while being inside the FEI guidelines.

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Flash Noseband

Flash Noseband, No Flash Noseband

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