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Pathfinder by Keith Bryan

Pathfinder by Keith Bryan

The Pathfinder Endurance saddle, designed by Keith Bryan for the ultimate in comfort, this really is the armchair of saddles. Renowned within the competitive Endurance world for its durability and fit, as well as the perfect saddle for long distance trial rides.  Built for over 40 years with the original Swiss panel design of whipped felt panels incorporating wool flocking for adjustment, create a very smooth panel base, and require less maintenance than regular wool-flocked panels.

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Keith Bryan, Master Saddle Maker, began his company in 1983; after learning his trade in England and in Switzerland. Keith is a lecturer for the Society of Master Saddlers on the Saddle Fitting Foundation Course held annually at Warwickshire College for saddle design; saddle trees and saddle fitting. A registered Saddle Fitter himself, and past President of The Society of Master Saddlers UK Ltd, Keith says, “The design, fit and build quality is his priority”.

As a founder member of the Walsall Equestrian Society, Keith believes that the riding public has the right to know the Country of origin of their riding equipment. All saddles produced in his own workshop carry the Society of Master Saddler Logo . The mark that guarantees 100% made in England.

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