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Proposed changes to the Highway Code will be confirmed on the 29th January in Parliament.

⭕ Drive under 10 mph when passing horses

⭕ Pass horses WIDE, allowing AT LEAST 2 METRES SPACE

Hopefully this will be passed far and wide in our own horse world but please, we need to share this out to our wider community groups as well as our own pages, as it is non horsey people that probably need to be more aware.

Finally PLEASE always remember to say THANK YOU to drivers, courtesy costs nothing and could very well cost the next rider this driver passes a lot more.  As a rider myself there is nothing worse than giving consideration on space and speed when going past other horse riders to not even be acknowledged, makes me so mad that this behavior sometimes tars us all with the same brush as arrogant.   A nod of the head, raise of the hand, at least something please.



From The British Horse Society Facebook page:

The BHS Safety Team was an important part in the DfT Stakeholders Focus Group that helped bring the changes to the Highway Code that will greatly benefit equestrian road safety.

The British Horse Society is immensely proud to have been part of these positive changes to the Highway Code.

The BHS Safety Team will continue to champion road safety and work tirelessly in it’s mission.

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