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    We pride ourselves on our communication networks, so if you wish to contact us with any questions or seeking advice we look forward to being able to help you.
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  • About Bliss

    At Bliss of London we share your passion for horses and equestrian competition. It is our knowledge of the equestrian world that allows us to design and build some of the world’s most advanced and desirable English riding saddles. Every Bliss saddle is handmade and hand finished as the hand and eye of a craftsman can never be bettered. Read more

  • Collections

    The elegant and independent character of Bliss is reflected in our Triquetra logo, the Triquetra being the representation of three, and for us at Bliss this is fundamental in our belief of The saddle being the connection between Horse and Rider. All of our saddles are designed and cut to ensure that this connection is as good as we can possibly make it. Read more

  • Why Bliss

    Purchasing a new custom made riding saddle should be a most wonderful and relaxed experience throughout. We work closely with a team of highly experienced professionals whom will guide and advise you through every stage of the Bliss ordering process until that most unforgettable of moments: the handing over of their own unique Bliss of London saddle. We are on hand throughout and for aftercare and warranty in the future. Read more

  • Media

    At Bliss we believe in communicating in a variety of differing formats. Video allows us to entertain, advise and inform on a number of differing topics and here you will find links to our Youtube channel that will be hosting our video productions and also the video’s of other contributors. Read more